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CMS Resources


UCLA Theme & Plugin (Self-Hosted)

A WordPress theme and plugin based on the design system are available for download along with extensive usage documentation at the resource website below. The theme provides page structure templates, styles, header and footer. The plug in provides components as Gutenberg blocks and patterns.


IT Services SiteDen Drupal Distribution

SiteDen is a managed content management platform offered by IT Services. It is based on Drupal 9, and is part of the UC-wide SiteFarm project. It offers a handful of content types, block types, default taxonomy vocabularies, and list views. There is a custom SiteDen theme managed by IT Services that follows UCLA brand guidelines.

Recommended audience

  • Departments wanting a completely-managed content management platform
  • Departments with no or few developer resources
  • Site builders with little or no experience


IT Services maintains Drupal core, contributed and custom modules, and the theme to ensure they are kept up-to-date with security updates, and adds features on a regular basis. Administrator-level access is reserved for IT Services staff, and customizations require paid engagement with IT Services. Content management support is also available through free channels like Slack and office hours, or through paid engagements.