Welcome to the UCLA Brand Guidelines site, an inclusive resource for you to harness the power of the UCLA brand, no matter where on campus you work or what your message may be. These guidelines will help you engage your audiences, amplify the impact of your messages and deepen your relationships, whether you’re talking to prospective students, existing students, faculty, alumni or any other group—on or off campus.

These Brand Guidelines are designed to help you use the power of the UCLA brand most effectively. Here you will find easy-to-use directions, vivid examples and downloadable assets that will help you craft communications of any kind, on any platform—print and digital. Remember, consistency builds equity with audiences.

Master Brand

Welcome to the Class Above

UCLA’s master brand—the university’s overarching positioning and general tools—is a unique combination of intellectual and emotional attributes.


Bruin Family Weekend

Major events and campaigns may require special marketing packages that utilize the master brand elements but are flexed for additional business needs and goals.