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The School or Department Logo — sometimes called a lockup or signature — combines the campus logo with the name of a school or department.

Logo System

Diagram shows how the department logo system combines the boxed UCLA logo with the “Samueli School of Engineering” lettering.
The department logo system applied to the UCLA College, UCLA Anderson School of Management, and UCLA School of Nursing
Four logos for the Bioengineering Department in the Samueli School

Use of the standard department logo system is required for all academic and administrative units. Modifications are not permitted, but the logo system has a great deal of flexibility built in.

The Samueli School of Engineering adopted the department logo system in spring 2018. Their logos illustrate the options provided and the flexibility of the system.

Boxed or Unboxed

The preferred version of the school logo uses the boxed UCLA logo with the name “Samueli School of Engineering.” There’s an alternate version using the unboxed UCLA logo.

Full Name or Shortened Name

In certain contexts — for instance, messages for alumni, students or faculty of the school — the “School of Engineering” wording is dropped, so the logo reads simply “UCLA Samueli.” Those audiences already know that Samueli is an engineering school.

Emphasis on School or Department

Departments have logos with two versions of their names. One version emphasizes the school name, with the department in smaller type. The other version reverses that relationship, putting the school name in small type and maximizing the department’s name. That way either the school or the department can be highlighted as needed.

Other UCLA Systems

Please note that UCLA Health has additional graphic hierarchies on the clinical side to convey structure accurately. UCLA Athletics uses the script logo.

Logo Colors

Eight color combinations, boxed or unboxed, against white or black backgrounds, are shown; one is not acceptable

Department logos typically appear in combinations of UCLA Blue and black, as shown. All black, all white and all blue department logos are also acceptable. Never use the department logo in gray or grayscale.

The boxed version of the department logo can be:

  • UCLA Blue and black on white background (preferred)
  • UCLA Blue and white on black or dark background
  • All black on white background
  • All white on black or dark background

The unboxed version of the department logo can be:

  • UCLA Blue and black on white background
  • All black on white background
  • All white on black or dark background

Always use the logo artwork from the brand bundle prepared for you by UCLA Marketing. Learn how to request one for your department below.

Minimum Clear Space

Four diagrams showing width of “U” as the measure of required clear space around department logos

Never crowd department logos. Like the campus logo, they need clear space, “buffer” space, to achieve visual impact. Use the width of the letter “U” to gauge the amount of clear space that’s needed.

It’s fine to align the left hand edge of the logo with your text or image. The empty space in the margin will function as the necessary clear space.

Minimum Size

Four diagrams showing minimum sizes for department logos

Never use department logos below the minimum size, measured vertically. Note that the unboxed two-line logo with “School of Engineering” needs more vertical space than the one-line version.

The one-line unboxed version should be at least 0.3” high in print, equivalent to 26 pixels high online. The two-line unboxed version should be at least 0.4” high in print, equivalent to 30 pixels high online.

The boxed versions should be at least 0.4” high in print, equivalent to 30 pixels high online.

Other Graphics

Campus units — including but not limited to centers, institutes and ORUs — who have previously used other unique logos as part of their visual identities can maintain the use of those existing graphics for a limited time while transitioning to the department logo system. Work with your communications or marketing point of contact to determine the timeline for that transition.

A wide range of print templates and email templates — stationery, event invites, newsletters and more — have been provided to guide your usage of the campus and department logos during this transition. Employ your existing graphic in the ample white space opposite the department logo available on any given template.

The default “GRFK” on these templates denotes the area where your graphic should be placed to ensure it stands out, without detracting from the department logo. Neither the height nor the width of the graphic may exceed the dimensions of the boxed UCLA logo; give the audience the visual reminder that your unit lives within a larger department and UCLA.

On applications where space is limited — on, say, a mug or a keychain — simply use the campus logo.

Do Not

Example with outlines around campus logo, outline type for the name “Samueli”

Do not attempt to create your own department logos or variations of department logos. Please coordinate with your communications or marketing director to use existing logos until the official brand bundle is delivered.

Example with no space between the campus logo and the name “Samueli”

Do not mimic the department logo style for other purposes such as organization or lab names.

Example shows altered campus logo on gold

Once the official brand bundle digital masters are delivered, do not alter them in any way.

Example with outlines around campus logo, outline type for the name “Samueli”

Do not introduce outlines or outline type into the department logo.

Example with no space between the campus logo and the name “Samueli”

Do not change the spacing between the campus logo and the name.

Example shows altered campus logo on gold.

Do not alter the color or weight of department logo elements.

Example shows altered logo rotated counter-clockwise.

Do not alter the campus logo or rotate the department logo off the baseline.

Example shows department logo with elements re-sized and re-aligned.

Do not change the size of any element of the department logo.

Note: These examples are illustrative only. Not one of these altered logos has ever been used by the Samueli School of Engineering.

Request Logos

Who Creates My Department Logos?

In addition to using a special branded version of Helvetica, school and department logos require individual fine-tuning by hand, including significant adjustments to spacing. For that reason, this site does not show the specifications for department logos. Instead, UCLA Marketing will create the digital masters for academic and administrative units.

Who Should I Contact?

For all academic and administrative units, please direct requests through your school or department’s communications or marketing office so that a consistent package of logos is created for the entire school or division at the same time.

For campus programs, initiatives and partnerships (when two or more campus units — schools, departments, etc., are coordinating an event, program, etc.), please contact your unit’s Marketing & Communications Director for assistance. For partnerships with third parties (any off-campus organization, company, etc.), please submit a request at

Download a list of Marketing & Communications Directors from schools and departments across campus here. Units within UCLA Health or David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA please visit If your campus unit is not listed, please scroll down to submit a request online.

What Will I Receive?

You will receive a brand bundle including the following variations:

  • Boxed and unboxed campus logo
  • Blue, black, and white color versions
  • Three graphic formats: EPS, SVG and PNG
    • EPS for print (InDesign), engraving, banners
    • SVG for motion graphics and animation
    • PNG for online and Microsoft Office
  • HTML email headers

In some cases, name variations will be created — such as “UCLA Samueli” and “UCLA Samueli School of Engineering.”

Submit a Request Online

If you don’t know who to contact for your campus unit, you can fill out the form below to submit a request online:

Contact UCLA Marketing at for related inquiries.