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The UCLA brand encompasses the work of many different people. When we all use the same elements, and speak with a shared voice, we can tell a more powerful story. Brand Guidelines is designed to help you tell this story more effectively — and harness the power of the UCLA brand in your work.


Start with the fundamentals, including the UCLA brand definition, rules for brand protection, and accessibility best practices.

Identity Elements

Consistent use of the campus logo, color palette and fonts makes it easier for our audiences to connect with our messages.

Applying the Brand

Every marketing channel has its own unique conventions and best practices. Learn how to connect with your audiences using the most effective tools and techniques for each medium.

Tools and Resources

These additional resources will help you learn new skills, best practices and terminology.

Who Can Use This Site

Anyone is welcome to explore this site. However, only UCLA faculty and staff (including student staff) may download assets, and the use of those assets is restricted to university business in accordance with brand guidelines and Policy 110. Individual students may be able to order business cards and to use UCLA marks on presentations and research posters. Authorized agencies and designers may be granted download privileges while working on UCLA projects.