• What Is A Brand

    Think of Coca-Cola, Apple and Nike. When you hear these globally recognized names or see their logos, chances are you experience very specific feelings or have specific images in your head. You don’t just know what these companies make—you know who they are.

    Successful brands are built on core truths that define and distinguish organizations. They are the essence of their brand character. UCLA is no different. The rich history, mission, personality and core values of UCLA inform its brand.

    Great brands build strong bonds with their audiences by being consistent and rooted in truth.  That’s why their communications are so effective.

    A strong brand like UCLA has enormous power.  If properly represented, the brand inspires trust and builds support. It stands for something: limitless opportunity, visionary influence, pioneering spirit. For communicators, a healthy and well-positioned brand makes your job much, much easier. 

    For UCLA, our brand is what students, parents, academics, alumni, donors, the media and the public all think, feel and respond to when they see or hear our name.  The simple mention of the four letters, U-C-L-A, begins to conjure up feelings.