• Signatures

    UCLA is a powerful public institution with impact around the world. It’s large in its impact, diversity and breadth. And it can be structurally complex. In an effort to simplify the structure and make it more easily understood, an organized system is needed to distinguish schools, centers, institutes and other entities—without sacrificing the brand unity that collectively gives our communications impact and resonance.

    The combination of a unit’s name with the UCLA logo is called a “UCLA signature.” By consistently using your UCLA signature, you visually connect your unit with the university.

    The signature is designed and intended to support UCLA as the “mother ship,” or collective whole, but allows a structure for each unit to be highlighted. Like the signature on a letter, your UCLA signature tells the reader who is sending the message.  The designated font for the UCLA signature is Caslon 540.

    As the Chancellor reminds us, a unified brand is critical to increase the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of UCLA’s communications efforts. Unity begins with the UCLA signature.

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