• Positioning

    UCLA was created to apply knowledge for the betterment of our neighbors and fellow citizens in our city, across the country and around the world. Every day, someone is helped somewhere, somehow, by something UCLA students, faculty or alumni have done, discovered, inspired or improved.

    We can do these things because we hold fast to a core set of values we call brand pillars, those truths that make us unique:

    • Limitless opportunity: If you can dream it, you can do it here.
    • Versatile influence: UCLA attracts extraordinary minds—faculty and students—who create innovation in every area of human endeavor.
    • Celebrated culture: UCLA is a symbiotic laboratory where new ideas are born in technology, health science, arts, business, law and countless other places.
    • Inspired excellence: UCLA excels at nearly everything it does. Good enough is never good enough here.
    • Pioneering spirit: We are a young university, and while we understand and appreciate hard work, responsibility and purpose, we are energized by an effervescent spirit of entrepreneurship and inspired by a deep sense of purpose.
  • Personality

    When you think of a person, you just don’t have an image of them in your mind. You think of whether or not that person is serious or funny, deliberate or bold. You think of a personality. Brands are exactly the same — they all have personalities. We are optimists.

    Optimists always look up. At UCLA, 329 days of sunshine isn’t a forecast; it’s an attitude. The UCLA personality embodies that way of thinking through six distinct characteristics:

    • Cultured: We are a worldly and sophisticated lot; we are not content to stay in our own backyard.
    • Balanced: Our constant goal is to be fair, equitable and impartial.
    • Vibrant: The UCLA campus is a vigorous and energetic community, and we are its active members.
    • Perseverant: We are steadfast when pursuing our goals, despite difficulties or obstacles.
    • Visionary: Our achievements — in all facets of life — are proof of our farsightedness 
    • Catalytic: We are agents of change.

    Our brand personality helps our audiences relate to us. It should come across in every communication — visual, copy, even campus tours. It should be present in everything we do, although the extent to which individual personality traits are used should vary by audience. How we speak to a non-student audience, say, needs to feel very different from what we say to a prospective student.

    For example, the Visionary and Catalytic elements of the university’s personality would help make a recruiting pitch to a prospective faculty member, while we might dial back the Vibrancy tone. But for a prospective student, Vibrant is as critical a tonal choice as Catalytic in convincing the prospect to consider UCLA, while the Balanced element may not be as relevant.