• Brand Foundations

    We believe it is important to stay true to our DNA and we attempt to reflect that in our brand messaging. In our case, the unique mix of academics, environment, location, optimism and other factors that make UCLA such an amazing, one-of-a-kind place. The Core Mission and Brand Key Message are what we do.

  • Core Mission

    Education. Research. Service.

    “UCLA’s primary purpose as a public research university is the creation, dissemination, preservation and application of knowledge for the betterment of our global society.”

    UCLA has accomplished more in its first century than any other institution. We exist to make a better world, and in these three words we find everything that our university represents.

  • Brand Key Message

    “UCLA is an engine of opportunity and progress, propelling action and change around the world.”

    This is what we want people to think of when they think of UCLA. We are inspired, we are driven, with a pioneering spirit that believes anything is possible. Whether it’s access to a world-class education, a new technology to fix potholes, creating jobs in the region or building a better robot, we make life better for everyone, everywhere.