Static templates for web, email and themes for content management systems have been created that include all the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and images needed.

These should be used as a starting point for any web or email-related project.

  • Example of WordPress website
    Updated 05/01/2017

    WordPress Themes

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    UCLA uses the WordPress content management system. This template defines the look and feel of the WordPress-based website and contains all the images, graphical elements, CSS-based styling and JavaScript-based interactivity needed to create your website.

  • Email template


    Email templates are useful when you need to send emails to multiple recipients. The task of creating newsletters, mass messages and invitations is greatly simplified with the use of an email template, which can also save time and increase productivity while reducing the possibility of error. UCLA’s templates are preformatted with the specific fonts, backgrounds and signatures you’ll need to send mass emails to all your constituents, including alumni, students, staff, faculty, donors and community members.

    Email Mass Message

    The email mass message is sent to a general readership. It is meant for a large audience of many different constituents: alumni, students, staff, faculty, donors and community members.

    Email Invitation

    The email invitation is usually personalized and is intended to make the reader feel welcome: We know who you are, and we think you’d be interested in attending our event.