Use these standardized templates to consistently create professional presentations. These templates feature the UCLA logo, but you can customize each by using your unit signature logo instead, for example.

Presentation Templates

UCLA branded templates

These templates provide options for designing presentations using either PowerPoint or InDesign. When creating your presentation, think of each slide as a kind of billboard, with simple, direct communication. Concise slides are generally more effective than slides overloaded with text. Feature photos or clean, simple charts to relay information or embedded videos and infographics to illustrate aspects of your presentation.

Download PowerPoint Templates (ZIP 6 MB)

Download InDesign Templates (ZIP 52 MB)

Research Posters

Research posters

A research poster should tell the story of your research in an organized, concise manner that engages the reader. The poster usually contains text and graphics. You also want your poster to be self-explanatory so anyone viewing it can easily understand the project. It is important the poster be easy to read for multiple people looking at it from a few feet away.

The UCLA Library Poster Guidelines can be a useful resource to help you get started.

Keep in mind that use of UCLA marks and colors is restricted. For more details, feel free to refer to the Identity section of these guidelines.